History of katana
The history of Japanese swords,it can be divided into Jokoto period, Koto period, Shinto period, Shin-shinto period and Gendaito period, but different researchers have different opinions on how to date generations in different periods, and there is no unified conclusion. In fact, the evolution of the Japanese sword is also gradual, and it is impossible to have earth-shattering changes within one year. It is generally believed that the Jokoto period began in the late Heian period, during which there were five periods, namely the Heian, Kamakura, Southern and Northern Dynasties, Muromachi, and Taoshan, which lasted about 600 years.The Koto period is preceded by the Jokoto period.The Shinto period is roughly equivalent to the early Edo period. The late 19th century was the Gendaito period after the Meiji Restoration, and some people took the issuance of the Knife Scrapping Order of 1876 as the boundary between the Shinshinto period and the Gendaito period, which can only seek common ground while reserving their own.
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