Demon slayer katana-Which one do you like best?

What katana is used in Demon Slayer?

Demon Slayer is a highly anticipated comic work that has gone through several rounds of cultivation to become the protagonist of the Ghost Hunting Troupe. Tanjirou has gone through several confrontations with the ghost world, and one of the most important weapons is Nichirin swords from the Swordsmith Village. It is understood that the Japanese wheel cutter is a type of Nichirin sword fan handle and yak ş A weapon composed of a blade, the mouth of the sun god, and a soul binding rope. Under the unique skill "mikiru" of the Sword Craftsman Village, this sword can easily cut open the body of ghosts to eliminate their effects. And the protagonist Tanjirou embarked on the path of killing ghosts to find a way to turn his sister back into a human. Whether it's the Demon Slaying Corps or Twelve Kizuki, each character has their own exclusive weapon. In this episode, let's talk about these magnificent and unique Nichirin swords.

Which katanas from demon slayer do you like?

Kochou Shinobu's Nichirin sword is as magnificent as a butterfly dancing in battle. Her Nichirin Sword is held by petals, light and compact, complementing it. Unfortunately, the incomplete blade detracts from the overall aesthetic of the sword.

Tomioka Giyuu's Nichirin Sword is a high cold warrior named Tomioka Giyuu. His Tomioka Giyuu is mainly blue, just like its owner, it is as cold as ice. The blade emits sword energy that makes people shiver.

Tsugikuni Yoriichi's Nichirin Sword. The blades of this sword are completely black. Compared to Tsugikuni Yoriichi's skills and strength, his Nichirin Sword is rather inconspicuous. However, during battle, the sword will turn blood red and sometimes shine a dazzling golden color, which is particularly domineering.

Nichirin sword by Shinazugawa Sanemi. It is mainly colored with turquoise, and the blade forms an octagonal star. It's hard to imagine the fierce appearance of the blade and his wild style, but his sword would be so beautiful.

Kanroji Mitsuri's Nichirin Sword is infused with the power of love. The pink blade does not match its power, but Mitsuri's cute appearance is definitely the most eye-catching presence.

Nichirin sword of Tsuyuri Kanao. As the wife of the protagonist Kamado Tanjirou, her sword is as beautiful as the protagonist's. The pink and white blade fluttered like cherry blossoms without the feeling of killing. It's not so much a sword as an artwork, but it's definitely a beautiful presence in Nichirin Sword.

Nichirin Sword by Tokitou Muichirou. This sword is crystal clear as snow. It may seem ordinary, but under Muichirou's Mist Breath, it refracts a dazzling light and a magnificent sea of mist that can definitely be described as Meilun Meihuan.

Agatsuma Zenitsu's Nichirin Sword, although he speaks cowardly, he is the most handsome when he draws his sword. His Nichirin Sword is like his thunderbreath. The blade is covered with yellow lightning patterns of indescribable beauty. When the sword is drawn, it glows like lightning.

Rengoku Kyoujurou's Nichirin Sword, as the older brother of Kisatsutai on the Volkswagen screen. This Nichirin Sword is like a dazzling sun, with flame lines and flame sword shapes, reaching the pinnacle of both appearance and temperament.


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