Demon slayer katana
Demon Slayer is a highly anticipated comic work that has gone through several rounds of cultivation to become the protagonist of the Ghost Hunting Troupe. Tanjirou has gone through several confrontations with the ghost world, and one of the most important weapons is Nichirin swords from the Swordsmith Village. It is understood that the Japanese wheel cutter is a type of Nichirin sword fan handle and yak ş A weapon composed of a blade, the mouth of the sun god, and a soul binding rope. Under the unique skill "mikiru" of the Sword Craftsman Village, this sword can easily cut open the body of ghosts to eliminate their effects. And the protagonist Tanjirou embarked on the path of killing ghosts to find a way to turn his sister back into a human. Whether it's the Demon Slaying Corps or Twelve Kizuki, each character has their own exclusive weapon. In this episode, let's talk about these magnificent and unique Nichirin swords.
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